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Endangered Polar Bears Forced to Perform Degrading Acts in A Russian Circus

We have all heard of elephants, tigers and brown bears being tortured from a young age and used as circus props. But this travelling circus in Russia takes it to a whole new level, using endangered polar bears and forcing them to do various tricks and acts in front of an audience, and wait till you hear about what the owners have to say! The Ivanovo travelling circus, run by a couple, Yulia Khokhlov and Yuriy Denisenko, has four captive polar bears - Dora, Motya, Umlea, and Knopka. They are all females and are 14 years of age and have been in the couple’s care since they were cubs. Forced from a young age to be submissive and perform hideous acts, these bears have never known what it felt like to roam millions of acres in the wild Arctic. They have only known years of misery and humiliation as they are stripped of everything that is natural to them in the name of entertainment. These two animal “trainers” have travelled all across Russia and Eastern Europe, performing various stunts for…

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